Wed 28 Nov 2007 21:21

This third day enroute to the warm Cribbean finds Lady Liv and her happy
crew at 25:21N and 20:27W for a corkscrewing 24 hour run of 106 miles. We
had the ocean to ourselves with only two masthead lights barely visible in
the distance. We did see a container ship on the horizon. Our sails were
set wing-on-wing and our progress was slow and steady but enjoyable. After
the first day of stumbling around the boat, the second day with stiff
muscles, on our third day the crew were veritable gazelles......leaping
about the boat with graceful ease. The sailing was excellent, the kind we
all were looking forward to...with blue waters, warming air and gentle
trade winds blowing us along at about 7kn. The night was magical with a
full moon and later we were dazzled by rising Venus and the countless
other stars. We do not need to remind ourselves that these are the reasons
why we are here.

David (the Engineer now also know as "wishy-washy") and Ian (the Medic)
made and excellent lunch with ham, lettuce, cheese, tomato and salmon
sandwiches. For dinner, prepared by Brian and Michael, we were surprised
with pate-fois-gras on dry toasted bread accompanied by fresh Moroccan
mango ......and ......for the main course.... zesty chicken pomadoro with
tri-colour pasta. For our sweet we had tinned Spanish peaches and finished
this meal with "real" coffee.

Some of the crew have already accumulated enough dirty laundry and one of
the more enterprising members has already washed his, taking advantage of
the sunny, warm weather. Otherwise, and we all continued with our usual
chores assigned by the Captain.

We have finally started our fishing with much anticipation of fresh fish
dinners and lunches. So far, we have managed to lose a very large lure,
created a bird's nest which proved to be a major challenge to unravel, set
out two expensive rods/reels and .........eventually did catch a small
mahi-mahi (or dolphin fish) which will serve as a starter to the starter
tonight. Michael (Gentleman) Smith wins the prize for his patient
attention to unraveling 200 meters of 50lb fishing line in under two
hours. Heff and Goldilocks seem to be the most serious fisherpersons in
the group although all of us applauded when they had the first nibbles and
the one catch.

Back on Thursday.......