Fri 30 Nov 2007 23:31


Today, lively Lady Liv (LLL) finds herself at 23:47N and 24:16W as we
goose-wing and reach our way across the Atlantic. Our average speeds
continue to vary between 4 and 8kts and the seas are relatively flat. We
have faced some calms but these have not stayed with us too long. The time
is passing very quickly and the weather has been just great,clear and
warming, although a little more wind would be helpful. The Captain has
decided to replace our smaller fore-sail with one much larger to give us a
little more speed. It will take some time to make this sometimes
complicated sail change at sea but we do want to get to St. Lucia before
all the fresh fruit and vegetables disappear and the onset of scurvy.
Speaking of which, the rot has already set in aboard Lady Liv. We have
started to clean out those lockers from which suspicious aromas have been
noted. We still have much remaining and so, Marion, do not worry, we will
be alright. We have had no special sightings this period and the ocean
remains relatively empty. We are accompanied by a few birds and have
identified them as shearwaters and stormy petrals. Any readers who may be
members of local orinthological societies please note.

Catching fish at sea has its minor set-backs. One of which is the blood
and guts all over the boat. The foredeck has to be turned into a
fishmongers slab and we do use up good Rum to sedate the fish. Since we
are a "dry boat" this seems to us a bit of a travesty that the fish gets
the booze. In any case, the Mahi Mahi yesterday was great, if a little

Our dining continues to impress, even the "cooks", and so we look forward
to each evening with anticipation. Tonight we should be facing an
excellent curry with rice and the appropriate condiments. Sweet pudding
for dessert of course.

The night watches can be magical and we will write about these in a later

Some personal notes:

Mike Goldilocks Rose took full salt water bath on the foredeck and
immediately attracted two squalls. He feels much cleaner now. He is NOT
growing a beard.

Brian is working hard on his celestial navigation and IS growing a beard.
Ann, please note.

Michael Gentleman Smith did start a beard but decided to abandon the
project for personal reasons.

Dave Engineer ....has impressed us all with his five day very black
stubble. He plans to get married on arrival in St. Lucia!!!

Ian the Medic is beginning to look like The Man from La Mancha....a good
beginning Ian.

Emil Email Baran has not shaved in five years and continues to occupy his
time with cross-cultural studies.

Captain Heff (Huf and Puf) remains a "beardless youth".

Until Saturday, the well fed and happy crew of LLL bid au revoir.