Sat 30 Apr 2011 16:34
Greetings everyone,
Tomorrow May 1st we set off towards Greece.  First stop Harwich and the ferry to the Hook of Holland.  Thereafter, we are going to trundle and sight see our way to Venice where we will spend a couple of days doing the tourist thing.  The Ferry from Venice to Greece leaves on Sunday 8th May so even in Gillian's car we ought to make it.
At the moment Gilly B is "booked " back into the water on Wenesday 11th May.  So far the weather in Greece has been wetter, colder and more unsettled than here.  However, we think that by the time we arrive this situation should start to reverse.
More news and some pics as we progress as when and if we get wi-fi.
Best Wishes
Gilly B.