Just the two of us

Sun 23 May 2010 17:26
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Well our wonderful "delivery" crew of "Doc" David Foreman, James Riobinson and Bill Hughes are now safely back in the UK.  They had a particualrly easy passage through the airport and did not have to wait long for the flight to take off - We forgot that Corfu is 2 hours ahead of BST and not one.  Whoops! even 3 x Yachtmaster Ocean skippers can get it wrong - in our defence we were tired.  Anyway thanks team for your company and your help and hard work getting Gilly B to Corfu.
Over to Gilly:  At least the sun is shining now and we have left Gouvia Marina.   It was easy to leave!  we did have a belated anniversary meal of swordfish etc and managed to get the laundry done and the shopping and the cleaning.... its not all paradise.  However we had a good motor sail today and did about 31 miles to an island to the North of Corfu called Erikoussa.  It looks very greek, two churches a cemetery and a few houses and a long sandy beach and amazingly, free wi fi.!!   The water temp is about 19 deg c.  may try a swim tomorrow.
Bye For Now     

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