Mon 20 Jul 2009 17:01
Hello Family & Friends,
The last diary was written in haste and not really the finished article because the battery decided to run low and bleep.
The pictures were already loaded so we just pressed send and hoped for the best.   One of the pictures shows the bay of horrors before it became such.  (Its the one with the glasses of wine in the foreground.)  We had a swim and a glass of wine then discussed moving in case the wind was not favourable at midnight.    Sadly we were both tired and reluctant to move.   Graham is cross he did not move but thats hind sight too.
We spent an awful night in the cockpit and then got swamped etc, and the boat looked like a jumble sale down below but when we had moved the next morning (not easy as the swell was still high)  we re anchored in a place called Aguilas.         The sun shone and we washed everything, hung it about the boat like a chinese laundry and then feeling exhausted we went to bed in the rear cabin. (Our own mattresses in the cockpit drying out.)  Later we had a swim and a meal and put all the dry stuff back as good as new. It was slightly surreal then sitting looking across the bay and watching a giant Bart Simpson staring back at us!   Really!  Some sort of fun fair for the youngsters.
On Sunday we woke up to another fine sunny morning and swam before breakfast then set off to Cartagena.  It was my birthday so I had cards to open - including e-cards, and texts etc.  thank you so much, specially to Lynette as she left a present and a card on the boat and I was able to open them on the day - which as anyone who knows her knows - is amazing!!   
We met up with the young dutch couple in CANA that we have been bumping into since Lagos.  We last saw them anchored in a bay before the horrors and we invited them over for coffee, which meant Graham taking the shoe (tender) over to collect them.  They are also heading to the Balearics.  They sailed in company with us to Cartegena and we took photos of them and they took loads of photos of us including a short video!   The wind got up a bit but we had a really good sail as it was not behind us for a change.
Cartagena is in a really big natural harbour.  When we arrived at the entrance to the outer part surrounded by mountains we still had six miles to go to the marina!  It's a really old city with complicted history starting with the Carthaginians and then the Romans and then Barbarians, Moors and not to mention the French & British - apparently Drake stole their guns in 1585.   Anyway they don't seem to bear a grudge as we were welcomed by a friendly young lady harbour person who waved at us and said 'stay back'!!   she spoke only a little english. (Drake didn't hang around)  She then leapt off her bike and ran down a pontoon and beckoned us onto the space (we come in  backwards and pick up lazy lines).  She was very helpful and said we could use the swimming pool between 12 noon and 8 pm.  (which we have).  The marina is right opposite the town?city and we can see the tourists walking along the 'front' and hear the lovely bells. 
We completed my birthday by going for a drink on CANA and then walking to a restaurant which is in one of the narrow streets rich with architecture. (See picture)  Graham was happy because he had an enormous but thinly sliced steak!
Today (20th) we have done some more exploring of the place and some shopping and some swimming and we are also recovering a  bit as we still feel very tired.  We both agree that if we were five years older we just could not do this! (Actually make that five days older!).. Not without help anyway.   Tomorrow we are off again.... east to  ? not sure yet.. We are having to watch the weather - Wednesday its not so good apparently.
Well folks that's up to date now.  We will do some more when we get a bit further along.  Hope you are all well and having a good summer.     Love from Gilly B