Mon 6 Jul 2009 21:25
Position: 36:35.75N 004:30.67W
Now posing as a skin head after Gillian's first DIY haircut - funny I seem to fit right in with the British tourists - I thought I should update our blog before we fall out of Wi Fi cover again.  My "3" dongle has so far proved useless and unless I can unlock it it only gives "local" internet whatever that means.  We are thinking of a better solution but have yet to come up with anything - any offers?
Benalmadena is large, very large and full of motor boats and tourist, cats and a pirate boat which, after dark take punters around the marina - I said it was a big place. Not only that, but there is a little train that takes tourists around the pontoons O my gawd don't you just love this part of Spain.  We intend to leave Wed am and proceed east once the washing has been done, the engine oil changed and the yacht given a good clean.  We are hopeful that the next stop over or two might be at anchor, but that will rather depend on the wind and the weather.
Gillian's bit:
We still have one passenger aboard (Melanie please note!)  Daphne Dinasaur is now on her hols. in Spain - see picture!
She doesn't eat much and is bright and cheerful so I think she can stay!
Bye for now.  GillyB 

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