Weymouth in the Fog

Wed 13 May 2009 18:10
13 May, 50:36.46N 02:27.06W or as it turned out when we came out of the Fog - Weymouth.
We left Swanwick Marina in a gale on Tuesday and "flew" down the Solent to Yarmouth.  The plan being to get an early start the following day to Weymouth.  Parking the beast in 28 kts of wind was interesting despite the bow thruster, which in a gale is as much good as an egg whisk.  Anyway we managed it although I thought at one stage I might have to leave Gillian on the IOW whilst I found a more sheltered spot.
Madness, we then got up at 0330 so that we could take the tide west to Weymouth.  Dark, windy and damp and it is supposed to be fun.  After looking intently for Lulworth Cove and doing a bit of fishing (nothing caught) we went into Portland Harbour where the new Marina has been built for the 2012 Olympics.   Well it is very impressive but still a work in progress and will be interesting when finished.   We decided to proceed to Weymouth and park on the wall in the attractive harbour.   Anyway, a good trip to Weymouth where we are now the tourist attraction, being the only yacht here.
The photos are of Graham on our long night passage from Ramsgate.  Is it a blanket round his neck or a dead seal?  And of Gilly B in Weymouth.
Next stop Dartmouth and who knows? A plague of frogs!
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