Fri 10 Jul 2009 09:31

Position:  36:43.39N  003:31.75W
We are now at Motril and having just paid what seems like a years subscription to the very expensive tennis and yacht club I console myself that we have at least got Wi Fi.  Our stop before here was at anchor in an idyllic location, but with a rotten swell - we rocked and rolled all night, but at least our first stab at a BBQ went well. For James and Doc, the Sea Brake helped dampen the swell to sensible proportions.  We have now used all the expensive gear on the yacht with reasonable results.  Our DIY passerelle being the greatest hit so far.
Off at lunchtime today and hoping for at least some wind - at the moment a motor boat would be more use.  Fishing still a disaster, but I keep trying in the hope of catching something at some time.
Next stop Almeria or thereabouts.
Best Wishes

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