Leaving Dartmouth

Tue 19 May 2009 18:21
Hello Friends & Family,
At last!  We think we will escape and go to Plymouth very early tomorrow.   We have been on a mooring buoy for four days at Dittisham.  We did blow up the rubber duck and go ashore yesterday and have also cruised up the river and back to give the engine a run.    Everything is charged for here.  We went ashore on the Greenway side this morning and were greeted with a demand for 75p each just for parking the dinghy!  We walked up past the Greenway house which belonged to Agatha Christie (now National Trust) but it was closed.       
This evening we are parked on the town jetty and able to charge the batteries and have a wander round the town.  I am looking forward to a shower and Graham has decided he fancies fish and chips!   He doesn't seem to mind being smelly!
Once we are in Plymouth we will be able to do the laundry and we are then heading home for Ali & Anthony's wedding.

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