We arrived in the Azores!

Helena Schneider
Thu 3 Jun 2021 20:29
WE DID IT! 🙌⛵🌊 Freedom and I have entered Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel- Azores- today after having sailed a total distance of 2926nm during 763.3hours at sea, since Martinique! Before we are going to chase waves out on the big blue ocean again, I will get my keel structure surveyed and repaired and recharge our batteries! Behind every solo success is a strong team effort and I would like to give the biggest thank you to my fantastic shore support crew! 👏👏👏Thank you to my incredible parents who believed in me and my unconventional dreams since day one and have supported me every step along the way- even if that meant sleepless nights watching marine traffic for them! 👏👏👏Thank you to the fabulous Rupert Smalley who supplied me with ample weather data and who, for the second half made extra sure that we are as safe as we can be wind and wave wise! 👏👏👏Thank you to the great Emma York who updated the social media channels every time I wrote a blog update and sent a pixeled satellite photo, it was wonderful to keep you all in the loop with Emma's help! 👏👏👏Thank you also to the German, UK, US and Portuguese MRCCs who monitored us diligently and were ready to assist us immediately if we should have needed it! 👏👏👏Thank you also to Jeremy Mason from Transworld Yachts and Pantaenius Germany for their quick, reassuring answers, when we needed them- it really helped to hear again just how much of a sturdy girl Freedom is. 👏👏👏❤️And thank you, to all of you, for having been a superb crew during this exeptional adventure of ours, rest assured it is only the beginning and there are more miles, and ocean voyages ahead of us! During the next couple of days I will acclimatise to a regular sleeping pattern again and take time to appreciate truly what we have achieved since our first day sailing: from that 7 year old girl on a small lake in the middle of Germany, to solo crossing the Atlantic Ocean in both directions! 🥳🥳🥳 Since then we were propelled forward by the desire to explore how far dreams and hard work can carry us, and we haven't yet found out... So I guess the only solution is to continue to dream big and work even harder! 🌟🌟🌟

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