Halfway 'celebration' at 19:41.0N 38:37.6W

Helena Schneider
Sat 27 Mar 2021 21:19
Today, day 13, has marked my successful half way passage across the Atlantic!

I got a very well aimed high five from the Atlantic... When two quite large waves crossed behing Freedoms stern and decided to shower me in a big splosh of fresh salt water!
Amazing how the cockpit stayed dry apart from the wet poodle resembling myself at the helm!

Overall being in the Tradewinds now is a lumpy affair!

I am constantly in my Oilskins again, life jacket on and definitely tethered to my companion in this, Freedom... As it really isn't smooth sailing currently.

We are thrown around quite violently, having been knocked sideways three times so far, not due to wind but stray running waves, is something that hasn't happened to us before.

Of course Freedom recovers quickly but I didnt manage to rest much at all... And it is a pretty scary sight but a good reminder that we are always at the mercy of the sea, no matter how tame she behaves at times.

But instead of batteling her or being scared, I believe that the only way to deal with her is love and respect...and deep appreciation of her wild power and fierceness...
After all these are the attributes that have coaxed me out here, away from the shore, in the first place!

Never minding the exhausting day, we just had a mini celebration, involving offering one of my precious favorite Lotus biscuits to the sea as thank you token and indulging in a extra long conversation with my parents!

No a bright fullish moon is perking up behind the clouds, the seabirds have said goodnight and I am hopeful that the waves might grant me a couple of hours of rest... Which I really need.
A major headache (probably due to lack of caffeine though) and fatigue are starting to get the better of me.

But to finish on a positive note... I really am incredibly grateful for Freedom and my smooth sailing so far, deeply humbled by the experience and full of happiness when I think of how many lovely humans are actually on this adventure with me! I hope you didnt get seasick today, I might have certainly thought about it.
Hold on tight for the second half!

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