4 weeks!! 35:46.2N 31:11.8W 1400UTC 30May

Helena Schneider
Sun 30 May 2021 14:04
Sunday the 30th of May is marking 4 weeks of single handed sailing for Freedom and myself!

It is safe to say that I am looking forward to making landfall, to get Freedom's keel area surveyed and fixed, to eat something different than our canned menu and to see some other human beings!

The cautious sailing due to the keel issue, with my sail set up alternating between the first and second reef, meant that we avoided stronger breeze and stuck to sailing as upright as possible.

That approach has payed off and we didn't record further damage, which is a huge relief, even though it also meant comparatively slow progress.

Now, for the last 300nm, we are facing hopefully our last challenge: sailing to windward until finish!

The sailing side is manageable, but I do need to meditate and stay active to muster the patience needed:
the Azores are so close and yet still so far away!

I know now that even though I long so much (!!!) for facetiming my parents and friends, hugging and talking to other humans, a decent shower, sleeping uninterrupted for 8hours in my bow cabin, wearing something different than uv50 sunblock and sailing gear, walking around, working out, exploring a new place... , ... ,

I just know that after a week Freedom will start tugging on her mooring lines and I am going to stand on the breakwater looking out to sea, wondering what my pals the Shearwaters, dolphins and maybe even Orcas are up to...
and knowing that I'd load you all onboard once more and do it all over again in a heartbeat!

You have been wonderful and your virtual support throughout the crossings really made a difference, I can't wait to answer your messages, questions and comments in person once we are on land again!

Until then, stay salty :)