Discussions with Freedom at 33:36.3N 34:44.8W at 1515UTC 25May

Helena Schneider
Tue 25 May 2021 18:16
"Freedooom...?! We have just agreed on a True Wind Angle (TWA) of 150degrees, what are you doing?!",
"Mmmmmmhhh??" she humms innocently.

Sometimes I forget that Freedom, in boat years (nearly 12), is an absolute teenager.
And today is one of those door slamming days.

I look at Pip, the hydrovane, and know instantly that they are in this together.

We shoot up to a TWA of 90deg,
Freedom is tugging on her sheets and encourages me to take them in so we can gallop speedily across the Atlantic.

"Comon, just for a bit!" she humms in her youthful joy.

"Freedom, Pip, stop it, we have been over this enough today. We need to stay level, think of your keel!".

I am tweaking Pip to take us further downwind but know that I will have to reign them in anyway.

Of course the two of them sense that and keep their galloping course, spray everywhere and waves slamming in our side.

Enough is enough: the jib is getting a reef and immediately Freedom stops humming, Pip sits up straigh, and then they sulk together.

We are on course now, but we lost nearly a knot in speed.
Freedom shrugs her jib sheets, "You wanted this, Helena, not my problemo."

I sigh and make lunch.
Just as I start eating my soup, Freedom kicks her stern up and the whole spoon ends up on my front, "Upsi" Freedom winks, Pip wiggles laughing.

We all have cranky days, we are all just human, I decide to cut the kids some slack...

"Alright, I give you 120deg TWA, but then you don't complain when we have to gybe early tonight!"

It is agreed, peace is once more restored on board... At least until the next wind shift ;).