Lilly (autopilot) down! 18:54.2N 42:03.8W

Helena Schneider
Mon 29 Mar 2021 14:53
Happy monday from onboard Freedom!

Just fitting for a monday, apparently the most annoying day of the week, although I can't really tell with my daily routine, my autopilot Lilly has decided that after all.. She had enough.. Hopefully just for now!

Lilly has been a dutifully driven and reliable member of the Freedom Crew and her services will be missed... Until she either decides she has a will to live again, or the swell calms down considerably.

Upon questioning, Pip, the hydrovane or second in command, has admitted of being slightly jealous of Lillys more or less constant use over the past couple of days and nights, and voiced relief that finally she can show off her own strengths again.
Pip has been helming for a couple of hours now and did so with much grace and enthusiasm, not minding the swell too much.

She did nevertheless, not approve of more sail area (due to gusts) to go a bit faster, so after much discussion we now find ourselves on something like the village commuter train that is very reliable but also a tad slow.

Anyway I am grateful that Pip is doing a good job, not really minding if we arrive after a week more or less at sea ,just praying she lives up to her impeccable reputation and gets us to the other shore safely when I need to put my head down.
She hasnt let me down so far on our journey along the coasts of Europe, so I am positive she wont let me down now.

I didnt get a lot of rest during the last nights of days, due to an early period (this sailing might seriously mess with an inner clock) and the relentless waves and wind with the swell coming more or less from one direction, I might give sleep recovery a go by trying a bit harder to shut my eyes as much as I intermittently can.
Have a great week ahead!