26:29.4N 17:00.00W 1115 UTC

Helena Schneider
Tue 16 Mar 2021 11:16
Puh, that was a lively first 24hrs!

Having been cheered on out of my berth by my lovely fellow berthholders, I felt quite emotional leaving Santa Cruz de Tenerife!

I left at the same time as a Rustler 36 with two french sailors- Maud and Marc - onboard, it was fantastic to see their sails up close to me until i headed further south than them.

The afternoon was lively with NE 20knts of wind from 120-140deg, in the evening the windspeed dropped to 15knts and i was surfing until it got a bit hairy during the night with 25knts and an overpowered hydrovane... Just so that when i reefed everything the windspeed came down to five knots and i rolled around more or less jolly in the annoying seastate...yuck.

I played with the blue water runner at five am which set me back on track until the full genoa did a calmer job and I got a couple more 1/2hrs of naps in.

Currently I am intentionally going gently at 4knts sog with my genoa out at 130 degrees in a direction of around 230 degrees, quite on track with my route.

Im writing this after my coffee: little things feel like large successes at sea, like handling the boiling kettle whilst trying to regain my sea legs haha!

Overall feeling great apart from a little bit funny in the seasickness department! Freedom sends her regards and we wish you a happy Tuesday!

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