Galley life from 26:55.9N 53:31.1W 11thMay 1220UTC

Helena Schneider
Tue 11 May 2021 12:20
Authentic Atlantic Banana Pancakes:

 First of all you must attempt to assemble all ingredients while your house is dancing a swaying Walz. 

To go about the recipe in the authentic way, make sure to store the flour in a storage Tupperware in your cellar (under the starboard saloon bench), 

the baking powder in the most buried storage Tupperware under the biscuits (challenging to get past, you loose points if you snack!), 

the bananas in your attic (vegetable net on the ceiling) 

and the oat milk in the second fride basket because the one in the first one is actually empty (that means the whole thing needs to come out, joy).

Forget the vanilla sugar in the baking powder Tupperware and retrieve it halfway through baking from under the biscuits (I know, its hard, will anybody notice?).

Leave your perfectionism outside the galley and make a rough estimate of what 150ml of oat milk means to you and fill it into a container that will most definitely slide across your galley top and cover you or the cupboard in oatmilk (you get to choose in a millisecond as you feel the bow lift under a wave), 

Then remember that scales dont really work in any seastate and scoop around 10Table spoons of flour  (pretend that this makes 120gr) into that sliding container. 

You have started to question your sanity about proposing a pancake brunch to yourself, by the third time your hip bone collides with the edge of the galley top. 

Wasn't today meant to be 'light winds'?! 

That peeled bananas, 3 small ones to be exact, can roll and jump off a nicely secured plate (you taped the plate down with blue tape in an effort to outsmart them) seems to you as a rebellion that can only be put out in smashing the three ninjas with a fork and adding them to the sliding container that now lives on the gimbled stove (grin smugly to yourself). 

Temporary peace returns to the galley and you add a tea spoon of baking powder before realising the vanilla sugar has been forgotten under the seductive biscuits. 

Do swear a bit, you are a sailor after all, and put on some calming music. 

Once the last pinch of salt is added, whisk the batter and pour it in small dollops into a coconut oiled pan and start wondering if pancakes are as rebellious as peeled bananas or if these stay on the plate...

To your utter surprise they do stay. 

Careful, it's a trap. You finish making pancakes and realise you taped your plate onto the fridge lid (the trap snaps shut) 
and underneath is the joghurt and marmalade for the topping (you additionally need to swap frige baskets again). 

Eventually order is restored in the galley and your pancakes are lukewarm by now. 

Take them on deck and snap a pretty picture of the product of your mornings exercise in patience. 

That was easy, right?! 

Moral of the story... 
Eat your müsli (oats) with bananas next time or invent gimbeld suction crockery.