23:50.03N 26:08.1W 21.03.2021

Helena Schneider
Sun 21 Mar 2021 10:40
Happy Sunday all!

Tomorrow I will have been sailing for a week already, it feels a lot less and a lot more at the same time!

The days out here on the ocean tend to blur into nights and back into days and so on..
The light wind situation means that I am moving at a relatively slow pace which normally would drive me crazy, but now I nearly feel happy about every potential extra day I get to spend looking at the sea, the sky and the stars.

Yes there were more little things that went not quite how they should but so far I was able to deal with them all.

Today, Sunday, started with an accidental sleep in, when the situation allows it I sleep in 40min naps, but this morning it got stretched to an uninterrupted 2 hours of bliss.
I realised that something was different when waking up because there was little noise... The waves came down a bit which meant I was able to unfurl the blue water runner downwind sail for the first time properly since I started on Monday! Happy days and a lovely surprise to wake up to.

Now the BWR pulls us along at 4 to 4.5knts in 6 to 8knts of wind! Very happy with that.

What else has been happening onboard Freedom?

In total so far I had three dolphin families visit Freedom and I, they bring so much joy it is truly wonderful.
Its the one sound that immediately brings a big smile to my face and me up on deck, hearing the high pitch underwater whistle of dolphins communicating as they approach! You can hear them when you are down below through the hull, its beautiful!

Other than that there have been plenty of Portuguese Men of war who we sailed past.. Are they a jellyfish now or not?
I am still not sure because they have a sail, dont they?
If someone knows please let me know because I cant google my questions!

Overall I am incredibly happy and starting to relax a bit, I still have my routine corner stones but I listen more to my actual needs now so thats good!
For example before Id force myself to eat something at my set meal times but now I realised that thats a bit silly, my body lets me know when we need food... I do a fraction of my usual exercise so apart from not sleeping enough our need for "fuel" has gone down.

The next couple of days will be challenging with the light wind situation but I am sure that we will be able to manage also!

Sending lots of fresh ocean air!