Update 1 5May 19:11.843N 59:14.123W

Helena Schneider
Wed 5 May 2021 14:52
Coucou ! It's me ! I am feeling much chirpier as I am finding my sea legs and getting tuned into the upwind rhythm.

Being seasick is the embodiment of being utterly and truly miserable and quite the test for headstrength... Throughout the misery I managed to stick to my routine of getting changed, brushing my teeth more than regularly and continuing the boat checks on and below decks- all the while my friend the bucket was nearby, I was clipped in and trying to drink as much water with Berocca as I could keep down.

What really helped my mood was listening to sea shanties on Spotify and watching Pip, my beloved hydrovane, keeping us close to the wind when I am not helming.
I managed to balance Freedom's sails out well, with the full small genoa and a reefed main, Pip has a more or less easy ride, apart from the waves of course.

This upwind beating is a bit tough on Freedom and crew, the constant slamming into a wave after acceleration and the more or less regular wash over the whole deck, windshield and sprayhood (thank you HR for that windshield, its priceless out here!) does get to you, while you dodge the involuntary salt water showers in the hot shadow.

I have a feeling that it starts to get ever so slightly cooler which is such a relief! Being German and having gotten used to the weather in the UK, this constant heat, sweating and hiding from the burning sun is not quite my idea of fun... But knowing that I am on my way back to cooler climes, closer to family and friends is a great incentive to sail Freedom as fast as the wind can carry us!

There is something very special about knowing that you are on your way home, if that is a place or people, it really unlocks the extra bit of strength needed to stay awake, face the seastate or keep that moral high.

Thank you for keeping my mood up from afar as well , your encouraging comments and messages have been relayed through my parents and Emma, Freedom and I appreciate them so much out here.
Its like the little pat on the back we all sometimes need to keep our chins up!

Stay salty!