Easter on the Atlantic 16:06.0N 53:25.3W

Helena Schneider
Sun 4 Apr 2021 15:58
I had a very pleasant surprise today, rummaging through my food cupboard, can you belive I found chocolate?!?
My parents gave me a little care packet for the Atlantic and I stored the chocolate safely in a tupper box so I dont eat it immediately!
I love it when I realise that my past self planned ahead and then surprises my present self haha!
(Secretly I wonder if that means that I habe the concentration span of a goldfish ;))

Very much the Easter Spirit indeed, so also a happy Easter from Freedom and I!

On other fronts,
Getting closer to land means there is more traffic again, it is actually very exciting seeing ships pass along the horizon, civilization is not that far anymore!

Nevertheless I am having mixed feelings about getting to Martinique now...

Part of me literally wants to spontaneously combust with excitement for all things land life, part of me is getting sulky about leaving my little well contained happy bubble, another part is very relieved that I only have a couple of days left during which I can add bruises to my very bruised elbows, knees and hips and the last part of me is sitting at an imaginary desk and working out my future plans, not very efficiently right now because all the other parts are so darn loud!

425nm left to go. I can not quite belive I am so close!

Thank you for all your messages of support, it really is wonderful to hear Freedom and I am never alone out here.