Update from 28:44.3N 44:07.4W 18May 1040utc

Helena Schneider
Tue 18 May 2021 10:41
Thumbs up from us, so far we have managed to keep our situation under control and stay safe.

Freedom is a real trooper and together we are marching, with all reefs in place, through large waves with a high frequency and up to 28knts of wind with an average of 18-20knts.

We are nearly through the worst of the weather, a couple more hours of holding on tight and then we can hopefully breathe properly again.

If it wasn't for our circumstances, we had some glorious sailing and I loved holding my nose into the wind and spray and remember that I am living my dream!

I have started to trust our luck a bit, Freedom is an incredibly well built boat and I am sure that once we are through the worst, we will be alright until the Azores.

Also, we are still being monitored closely by various MRCCs which is a big relief for the mind.

My mum copied some comments from Facebook and sent them to me via email, and I had to laugh, cry and be generally really moved by the amount of support that has poured out for us.
You guys and gals are wonderful, thank you. ❤️

Of course, I will keep you updated, hopefully only good news coming!