Cabin fever, end of chocolate and sea weed

Helena Schneider
Sat 3 Apr 2021 18:11
" A life without chocolate is possible, but... - insert biggest sigh here-"
Helena, 3rd April 2021, some 500nm off Martinique.

I don't usually eat a lot of chocolate, but when I am sailing it seems like my chocolate desire grows by the tenfold!
Now I need to unfortunately announce that after having had a tough couple of last days, my chocolate stores are depleated and I feel the loss intensely!

The last couple of days were challenging as a serious cabin fever set in and I struggle to sit still.
Added to my lack of movement are a stiff neck, a sore back and together that made the mother of all headaches, the tropical heat I now find myself in during the day isn't exactly helping haha!

If you think that I complained enough for now, let me just add that I found a cosy little no wind bubble to sit in for a day and a night on Thursday... So yes, it has been fantastic ;)

Of course I am glad nothing worse has happened, but to be so sweaty and headachy in a smallish space for more than a day... , does eventually get to you.

The sea weed I saw floating by is now one of my main occupations, I call it "gardening" and it involes unweeding Pip's (hydrovane) rudder when an extra fluffy sea weed bush tries to hold onto us.

I have to say that yesterday or today are the first days during which I am really excited to make landfall again, there is only so many conversations you can have with yourself about life, the future, love, hope, environmentalism before you need an external input to gain a new perspective.

So before I continue being a bit grumpy about my amazing adventures:
I am really happy I only have something like, 540nm more to go before I can have a stretch, walk, crunchy salad, chat with other humans.... And the opportunity to go to a beach, look out to sea and get really excited about doing it all over again haha!

Sending sunshine (really, have some, I have a bit too much!) from 16:11.9N 51:31.4W