Day 26

Lee Price
Fri 6 Jun 2008 18:39
N38.55.77 W032.23.01

Wind F3-4 building, Heading 090T

Much better day today. since dawn at anyrate when the winds we're very light. Now sailing along on a Beam reach at 5kts and all is very very well again. Mood much improved and should be in Horta on Sunday morning.

Nearly there.

It also seems that the big blow expected over the weeked will be more moderate than predicted so life just keeps getting better.

I'm looking forward to getting in again now!

Why can't it be like this all the time ;o)

Anyhoo, not much to report, I have a headache though lack of caffine and once again find myself considering the idea that maybe I should stop drinking coffee, though I know this wont happen. Other than that I've sat an read a very good book today.

Just going to check with Herb tonight to make sure everythings ok for my final approach, tomorrow I will shave (I have a beard) and wash and be ready to look lovely for the Imergration officials who will undoubtably be unhappy to have landed the Sunday shift.

As you were.