Day 5

Lee Price
Fri 16 May 2008 19:58
N27.49.03 W070.40.20
Heading 023T Winds, light variable and building.
Funny day yesturday, wind quit at 0430 and so motored most of the day till at 1430 the motor got all upperty about being a bit warm. I threw a selection of gunks and greeses at it which greatly improved it's mood but this is clearly not a motor to get you anywhere, simply designed to move the boat off the dock and nothing more, well, not in it's 26th year anyway.
But it had an odd effect on me, as a slight breeze returned yesturday afternoon I felt really good, reside to the fact that if the weathers not with me I aint going. This means I'm going to have to 'sail' home! Sounds odd I know but there you are.
I think too that the first three days where a bit odd, firstly I was nervous and felt quite sick as I said, this gave way to paranoia in so much as every slight noise was to me the yachts way of telling me it was ready to sink, I must have checked the sea cocks about 20 times in those first two days and the mast was due to fall off on any of 100 occasions. Then Day 3 was a hard slog weatherwise and I got very tierd.
So the motor thingy and the windlessness of the best part of the day that had been preceeded by the above mentioned just kind of felt a little overwelming, so last night I sat with Van Morrison and Neil Young on the stereo which some how seemed appropriate and had a couple of beers, howling at the moon ;o) 
The wind had left by 0230 as was forcast so not unexpected. In the end, I took down the sails. Every time I picked up a bit of breeze and got my head down, I would be woken 10mins later to the sound of the sails dancing wildly to some unheard astral tune in the still night air, released from their burden of work and would emerge to the cockpit to find the boat piroetting on the spot in joyful abandon of her primary function in stark disreguard for her masters need to sleep. Once the sails were stowed I retiered to bed hurt and confused.
I awoke though in a good mood again having drifted only a few miles and in the right direction as well, bonus. I ran the engine for a few hours only really as a battery charging excercise and then sat slowly slowly crawling forward at 1-2knts. Now, with the sails poled out to either side of the boat (goose winged) and the self steer keeping her on a dead run we are traveling again at 4-5knts but the day has been lost, with only 66miles covered yesturday and a big dent in todays proceedings also.
Still, forcasts of good SE winds promise a good couple of days to make up a miles, so all is well.