Day 30

Lee Price
Thu 26 Jun 2008 19:05
N40.11.65 W025.59.47
Wind: <10kts Heading 045T
The wind went from NE very little to E less, last night at 2200. As a result the engine went on and has been on all day, the pluses are that for the first time since leaving the Bahamas I have a full charge in the Batteries and I'm heading in the right direction at about 4kts.
I've found that as long as the engine is topped to the brim with water, it'll run indefinatly quite cool so long as you don't try and press it. As I've mentioned before, I just have it in gear at tick over, more than this would drive you bonkers anyway as the noise it too much. I do only have 6 days of fuel though so at least half of this leg will need wind to complete it. So far though no sign of any decent sailing wind. I'm not getting as stressed about it as I was before and I can't really account for that change in my outlook.
As a result, last night was spent nested in the Duvet (it's too cold for just a blanket now) in the cockpit, burrowed down deep against the chill and keeping a cheak on the temperature of the engine and the Heading on the Electronic Autohelm which has a tendency to slip occasionally.
I'm a little bored, the weather is fantastic, a really nice beach day but not so great for sailing. At least I'm heading the right way at a respectable speed, 97miles logged again which again, considering the very light conditions is perhaps more than I could hope for.
I've not downloaded any weather or listened to Herb, this may seem odd but I don't care to know, the Barometer was showing a slight increase over night but is dropping down to where it was yesturday and that is still good and high, there's not a cloud in the sky and the sea state remains calm though the swell has pushed round to the SE and has a little chop to it, just enough to knock the air out of the main sail and flog it in that way I find quite unbearable. I'm trying to read my surroundings for myself and see If I can get a better result than downloading the forecasts which were invaribly wrong. Certainly i'm more aware of the weather and as I'm not expecting something to happen based on a forecast, I'm developing my own awareness of what will come next and I'm not dissapointed by a lack of wind that was otherwise promised, helping my stress levels I think. Feels more safe somehow, like I'm not going to get caught out, if it's heavy weather I'll have seen it coming, been more aware of it building and therefore have taken appropriate action sooner. I'll let you know how this theory works out.
Might break the 1000mile barrier tomorrow, which is something I've been podering on also. It's seems an age ago when I broke that barrier on the first leg, and I'd been at sea some considerable time by then too. It really is a different trip.
There's a lot more traffic which is something to worry a little about, already I've seen more ships in three days than the entire first leg. Many of them on a parralell course to me, I assume heading for the Channel which is the part of the trip I'm most not looking forward to. If it's going to go wrong, it'll be there and judging by the 4 ships today! it'll be a busy and sleepless day or two. Well, we'll see.
That'll do for now, I've moved past 40N and so hopefully will pick up a bit of wind soon, there was a front supose to pass through tomorrow which would bring something but that was when I looked on Sunday and frankly I have no idea how that all actually did develope. I know that the Azores are beautiful and probably somewhere worth exploring properly in their own right, but I doubt I'd sail there again as a stop over, their position as pivot point for the Atlantic weather system makes them a devil to get to, it certainly would have been a quicker passage by maybe more than a week had I have stopped at Bermuda instead and bypassed north of the Azores but there you go. I don't regret it atall, it's a fab little place, just as a place to make for in a crossing the Atlantic kind of way, I'm not sure it's worth it, might be better to be at sea a bit longer and get where your going.
Still, was able to work on the tan a bit today.