Nearly there.

Lee Price
Thu 7 Jun 2007 14:08
N25.04.51 W77.19.00

Back in Nassau, got back at 1800local time on Monday night. Spent the last couple of days installing the bit's I bought. New VHF installed and the SSB long range radio. Today I'm going to fit the Liferaft to the deck and build my new anchor.

The big news is the Sails are almost here, they left Menphis last night so shouldn't be far away now. This is great news as its the last bit of the jigsaw before I can leave.

So I'm going to head up the supermarket tomorrow and sort out a menu for the journey back. I wanted to run the Fridge but I'd need to charge the batteries fully every day and that would use more fuel than I could carry. Another lesson learnt from the USA trip.

So, the time is nearly upon me and I find I'm getting increasingly apprehensive, not in the boat but in my own ability and not as a sailor but as someone who's about to spend 30days alone on a small boat with no one to talk to except Herb on the shortwave once a day.

I hope the weather fair.