D-Day Approaches

Lee Price
Wed 7 May 2008 22:21
I'm feeling a little dickie and I don't think it's the vast quantity of Rum I consumed last night. I went for my first shop today, got together 16 days of breakfast lunch and dinner. Simple caned food for the most part on account of the fact that I have to keep the trash with me. I'll do the same again tomorrow. The realisaion that this time I am actually going to do it, is upon me. On top of which there have been a number of boats passing through, strangly, most of them are German? equally strangly, most of them seem not to be weak, short, pale skinned, single handers who struggle with the excessive heat of Bahamian afternoons.

It's a long way you know. I pondered this with Andrew the local fisherman who's going to de-weed my bottom on sat'. He thinks I should embrace the Lord! with no one else to talk to for weeks on end, I might just do that.

The boats ready now, needs deisel, full tanks of water and food on board, already half way done. Monday is what I'm aiming for, a day sail to Spanish Wells 50 miles away. Then a day at anchor and a swim. I can't make up my mind if I'm going to head for Hope town or straight for Bermuda, we'll see how day 1 goes. I really would like to see this years rally leave Bermuda, I think it would be quite a sight, but they leave on the 21st so time might be of the essence.

Keep you posted friends.

L x.