Exumas Day 1

Lee Price
Sat 23 Jun 2007 22:20

N24.44.97 W76.50.29

Allen's Cay.

Uneventful sail from Nassau, I left around 11 after stocking up with
60gallons of Diesel and 20gallons of Gas.

No wind No wind No wind, and I hate motoring. There was quite a spectacular
lighting storm heading for Nassau though. Hot Hot as it climbed into the
high 90's 34C lovely when you get used to it.

Pulled into Allen's Cay about 7pm. It's a group of volcanic islands with
fair protection from the elements in any but a southerly wind. Well the
winds blowing now, guess what direction from ;o)

Anyhoo, the first thing I did was dive on the anchor to see if it set right,
I bought a super Fortress in the US and it set first time and seems to be
holding, I'll sleep well tonight.

Dinner was a Rum and Coke to start, Pork Tenderloin (on offer) on the BBQ
and Spanish rice with Rum and Coke and afters was a Rum and Coke. Quite
delicious. I've been donated some real Cuban Cigars, might try one tomorrow.

Dave told me he new people who cruised the Caribbean on around $4000 a year,
I couldn't believe that till today. Shortly after I arrived a little
Alluminium sloop pulled up, no more than 25ft, British flagged of course
with who I like to think of as Speedo Man at the helm. Just after dusk he
got his sleeping bag arranged on the Foredeck of the boat and went to bed!
I'll have to introduce myself tomorrow if he's still around.

Iguanas tomorrow, I'm not leaving till I get a Picture of one and will post
when I get a proper Internet connection.

BTW, I'm loving it! THIS is the Bahamas!

;L x.