Black Point

Lee Price
Sun 8 Jul 2007 00:43
N24.04.78 W76.23.11

Today I'm anchored at the northern end of Jacks Bay. I wanted to see what was described on the chart as a Castle. Alas this turned out to be some rich American's holiday home and not a real castle at all.

A mile further down the coast was something that occurs all to often in the Bahamas as far as I can see, an unfinished development. This time a Marina, half finished buildings and half excavated dry marina floor present themselves to you as you walk ashore.

I'm appalled the authorities here allow this sort of thing to happen but more appalled that, knowing what I know about Bahamian authority now, they where probably instrumental in the collapse of the project.

These out islands have very little going for them in the way sustainable living land, there is no soil for instance and there isolation would make trade of any sort difficult to cultivate. So they rely almost solely on tourism to support the out island communities. A well found development, usually staffed by Americans, is at worst a blot on the landscape and at best harmonic with the natural surroundings.

These developments that are allowed to stall and falter are worse than all, they are building sites left unfinished and unattended on otherwise pristine Paradise type beaches. This particular development has cut gravel roads all over the coast line connecting it to the nearby township of Black Point. The rusting hulks of diggers and trailers are all over and the beach is covered in building blocks and rubble. How can one of the most idyllic corners of the earth be allowed to be abused so?

It's a real eye opener.

On the plus side I'm anchored in a beautiful blue bay with some of the nicest sandy beaches I've seen so far. As long as I don't look north, all will be well.