Day 25

Lee Price
Thu 5 Jun 2008 18:56
N38.54.28 W033.45.12
Wind None Heading 100T
Today has been the worst day of the trip by far. Last night at 1900 I put the motor on again. The last 5 days I've just had no wind, less than 10kts, had to motor over the last two nights as it's dropped to nothing and have made totally crap progress at 4kts or less, lots of motoring just to keep the milage up. Today, I turned the motor off at 1500 having reached the lower limit I'd set myself of 1/4 tank, enough for a full days motor or about 100nm. This I decided I need to keep in reserve for entering Horta, even before I left Nassau.
So since 1500 I've been drifting, theres no the wind to even lift a spinika, it's devilishly hot without the wind to cool things off. I've pulled the spinika up around the foresail like an inverted tent to catch any stray breaths of air and we're making 1.2kts. 0.6 of that is current. Could be worse I know, could be going backward!
I'm 240 miles from Horta, 2 day sails if the wind that keeps being forcast ever comes! but it doesn't, just day after day of this poxy nothingness. I'm so pissed off!
So there's no way I'm getting into Horta on Sat' now, Sunday IF the wind ever comes, and it might, Herb reported that by Sunday we could well be getting on for Gale force!
Isn't that bloody typical! Listening to Herb last night and the low pressure system, that was due to give use some nice sailing winds over the next few days is dropping, so it would seem, right over the Azores and instead of nice sailing winds, we'll have gale force! Bloody Hell! Although this is a forecast and therefore, obviously, wrong! Kevin thinks it wrong too, and he's not been wrong yet ;o) lets hope he keeps it up.
Can you believe that! This sailing lark...God, what a time I'm having, and I've nearly run out of Kalik' Beer of the Bahamas'. Well, I tell you, better get some good winds up to the UK otherwise I know where there's a nice little sailboat for sale. I'll not be inclined to re-visit the Azores in the future.
Over the past 4 days I've averaged 85nm at a speed of just 3.5kts. I'd say this past week has been the hardest of the trip, so near to my destination but unable to reach it for days on end. I remember thinking as I approached Bermuda, ' well, this is easy, 120miles a day, nice sunshine, etc etc', well there you are, shows you how little I knew.
However, Rant over
Just after Tea yesturday the biggest pod of Doliphins came by, only briefly, I lost count at 28 but there was many more than that, real treat, what with the Whale a few hours before. I could actually hear them, not heard them before, they we're very excited and I think they'd been feeding. They didn't hang around long and soon were off heading NW in the direction of the Whale, perhaps they were having a get together. So many of them though, it was the scale that impressed me.
So there we are, who bloody knows when I'll get to Horta, this has blown my chances at getting a decent daily average to impress my sailory friends with, just bobbin about........AGAIN!!!