Day 7

Lee Price
Sun 18 May 2008 20:02
N30.47.03 W067.17.48

Heading 040T Winds Light SW

Super News - 138miles logged yesturday just 6 miles off the magic 144 (6kts average) would have had it too, but was again becalmed in the wee smalls and this has yet to rectify itself with any decent wind so back to 4-5kts an hour at the mo'.

Slept badly as a result, baggy sails flapping and keeping me up but was making steady albeit slow progress so left them up, unlike the previous night.

Past Latitude 30N last night, big mile stone. I discovered that this is how I keep my head on sain. To think of two more weeks at sea dosn't do you any good, but I have three more mile stones to get to in the mean time, after clearing Bermuda Mon/Tues.

Everythings working well, I've made some adjustments to the rigging that make life simpler still and food is plentyfull though I've realised I've got no T-Bags. Went forward this morning to rigg a new tackle that I'd made up whilst not sleeping and found two flying fish on deck, one with a baby ejaculated from its mouth, dumb creatures. I haven't plucked up the courage to pick them up yet, I don't get pukey about hardly anything but whole dead fish I can't abide. I might go up with the dustpan and brush in a bit and chuck them over the side.

Half Price finally managed to draw blood today by throwing a block at me, cutting my right big toe, I didn't notice at first, being dumb as an ox, these things take time to set in, so then spent some considerable time cleaning blood out of the carpet. She's only being playfull I know, but like a small dog, she can take it too far some times. I'll have to have a word.

It rained today, a little rain has to fall (as Sophie on the dock is keen on saying (miss my Bahama friends)) - like a rellative you could live without seeing again but knew you must, it rained. Not hard but everything was soaked through before even a drop had fallen, very wierd, like a really cold steam room. Cleared all the crusty salt from the canvas though so a silver lining.

Realised today that I'm taking to myself a little more than usuall, this is not of concern as my usual ramblings are some what incoherent and inconsiquential where as these chats are more structured and informative, a positive sign I would say.

Todays blog has been bought to you by the letter N and the numbers 3 & 0.