Acores fun day

Lee Price
Tue 10 Jun 2008 00:17
Today was fun.
I had the best sleep last night, possibly the best sleep I've ever had in my life, 10hrs straight. I feel so good.

Currently it's late, It's windy today, and it rained. I'm listening to Portuguese karaoke, which is appauling, on a make shift stage on the marina and have just come back from 'Peters sports cafe'.

Dave' has taken me out for me helping him sort out a couple of electrical issues with his boat. One of which involved a trip up the mast to replace a fitting. He's on the 50ft Beneteau that I moored alongside on the morning I arrived. He's a few boats down now. Also today 'Iceny', the boat I spoke to on the SSB earlier in the week, arrived in the marina, it's nice to put some faces to the name. Such a comunity spirit to this boating lark that you don't find in 'real life'.

Today, also, Daniel, a young Austrian arrived, he's now the third boat rafted alongside me. Now, you think I'm brave, accomplished, clever or stupid in my trans Atlantic travels? Think again. Daniel has a boat that's a near wreak, it's got no Nav lights and as far as I can tell, no life raft, it's sails are holey and it's in desperate need of a coat of paint, it's only apparent concession to safety is a VHF radio. But Daniel has sailed 26 days all the same, from Antigua! an almost identical trip to me. He's en-route to Faro, Portugal, where, in his own words, I'm going to throw out a few anchors and head home for a month or so' well, fair play to him - I'm in awe!

Also today I found a shop called HONG KONG KING can you guess? I bought...... 2 x fleece (I don't know why but I only bought 1 jumper) cotton buds, 1 x 10mm spanner (mine went swimming) a hose adaptor, 2x wine glasses ( so I don't have to drink my rather nice European wine out of plastic) a wire brush (for the BBQ) Tupperware, car speakers (I blew 1 of mine up 2 days out) Kitchen things and a half measure adaptor for my coffee pot (European coffee is goooood). I could have also bought if the urge took me, 6ft plastic sunflower, imitation crocks and every conseivable mobile phone power addaptor! Absolutely fabulous!

Aswell, I went to the supermarket today and bought, coffee, t-bags, real bread! (not that horid, sweet, massivly preserved crap that americans eat) ham, cereal and for dinner I had BBQ'd steak and veg. Yes that is Tomato Ketchup you can see and you can keep your derisory comments to yourself. It's Hunts' established 1890 and apparently has no artificial colours or preservatives and you have to 'taste-and-believe'. So sod, I have ketchup with my 4euro steak.
Also, I slightly electricuted myself today converting my 110v US power supply to 240v so I can charge the laptop more easily, I still feel a bit tingly.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Chandelry to buy new line and get my gas bottle filled.

All in all, Horta's great, I love it. There's every type of boat, a real cruisers paridise. Lots of little steal boats with weathered old salts who look on you like they know something you don't and many many wierd and assorted craft of the world cruiser, hardly a 'modern' charter/ weekend boat in site. Mainly french or British, followed by Nordick boats, Germans (with their untimley lack of fasion sense) and finally US. Hardly any Portuguese or Spanish? don't they sail???