No Wind

Lee Price
Sun 17 Jun 2007 23:30

Still no wind! The rain came down again last night and lightning took out
the power on the dock so no wind, humid as hell and no Aircon.

Met up with an Australian and his Japanese girl friend, they arrived in a UK
flagged Dufour 38, nice boat. He'd bought it in the BVI's and sailed it up
to Nassau, he wants it in the US for fitting out to take it across to the
Med. He works as a Pilot for the UN and has in the last 3 months stamps in
his passport for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Darfour. So he's not keen to go
into the US without a Visa plus he has to be back at work by the end of the

So to pass the time I've agreed to deliver it for him to Lauderdale. It'll
occupy me for a few days and hopefully by the time I return the wind will be
back and in the south east and I can get gone.

Last night we went over to Atlantis for the Casino, crazy place, people sat
behind one armed bandits punching $5 to $100 bets every 10seconds and not
looking like their enjoying it, I don't get it. I saw a few middle aged men
clearly on Cocaine with impossibly young women on their arms winning and
loosing $7000 bets on the Craps and Roulette tables, amazing!

I personally I didn't loose a thing, but then I didn't bet a dime so that
all works out. So I'm off to sweat a bit more now, it's just gone 6pm and
it's getting cool enough to move again, I haven't got off the sofa since
lunch. Bye for now.