Assessment day

Juniper sailing round GB
Gordon and Catherine
Thu 7 Jul 2011 20:40

Vicious storm overnight with tremendous thunder and lightning.  Local gale warning in force so still no sailing and, after breakfast, it’s time for a reality check and assessment of progress.  We had hoped to be well up the west coast of Scotland by the end of June because the risk of gales increases significantly from July.  As it is, we have been at sea for 2 months and covered 797 miles, just over 1/3 of our estimated journey.  We have lost so many days to high winds that we have to be brutally honest and recognise that we may not complete this.  The only bright spot on the horizon is a window of light winds from Saturday so we’re all ready to maximise this and go, hopefully to Holyhead, then Peel and on to Scotland.  We can still do it but we need settled weather for the next few weeks please.