Plymouth to Falmouth

Juniper sailing round GB
Gordon and Catherine
Mon 20 Jun 2011 16:35

50:09.16N 05:03.73W Cloudy but dry and warm start to the day so a pleasant get-away just before 0800.  A naval assault ship got under way in Plymouth Sound and passed in front of us, followed by a procession of 6 landing craft, looking just like Mother Duck and her young brood out for a morning swim.  We had to best-guess what they were up to and cut between 2 of the landing craft but Mama then swung gracefully round in an arc, leaving us no choice but to go through them all again, we’d managed to get caught up in a military exercise.  We were just clear of the area when we got a ‘to all ships’ message saying they were about to undertake live firing practice, so we were well out of it.  That turned out to be the highlight of the day because, after spotting Eddystone to port, the weather closed right in, the coastline disappeared and we spent the rest of the day in a myopic, wet, grey, cold slog.  In Falmouth I radioed one marina but in the mist and murk we managed to tie up in another.  Hey ho, it means we have to move tomorrow if we don’t sail but at least we can stay tonight.  Photo – we were quite pleased with our sail trim until we realised the tell-tales were stuck to the wet sail!

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