Wind, what wind?

Juniper sailing round GB
Gordon and Catherine
Wed 25 May 2011 16:20

The sky is blue, it’s warm, there’s a good breeze and we’re …… still sitting in Ramsgate marina!  The forecast has been predicting rough seas and high winds for the last 48 hours, but it’s difficult to visualise from in here.  However, it must be true because the yacht that parked next to us yesterday had set out from here, got to South Foreland and turned back because it was so rough, and a chap we spoke to today had left Southend this morning aiming for Calais and given up here at Ramsgate because the seas were so lumpy.  So, we’re sure we’re right to sit here patiently.  We’ve had another lazy day apart from giving Juniper a new ‘go faster’ stripe; that’s got to be worth at least half a knot when at last we do get going again!