A day in Padstow

Juniper sailing round GB
Gordon and Catherine
Wed 29 Jun 2011 19:38

I’ve discovered that rafting up in a small harbour can be very interesting.  We were one of 4 boats rafted up, which means we’re tied to each other but each boat also independently runs long lines ashore, so there are lines everywhere.  We’re second from the wall and the boats on either side of us decided to leave today (was it something we said?).  We’re all tucked in a corner and there are boats behind us too.  Great debate amongst the skippers and we then all do a merry dance with lines and fenders, so now we’re against the wall with another Hunter next to us.   There are seats all along the harbour wall so the manoeuvres are played to an audience of interested holidaymakers – one woman thanked me for providing so much entertainment!


The differences between the harbours is fascinating – in St Ives the harbour dried and became a sandy beach at low tide where people could play and walk their dogs; in Padstow a great metal gate shuts and keeps both us and the water in.  So today has been the usual domesticity of harbour – shopping, launderette, refuelling, route plotting etc with only the smallest gap for coffee at the quayside café this morning and icecream this afternoon - it’s all go.

Photos: Padstow harbour with open entrance and the same view repelling all boarders.

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