4th Dec Posn and Diary - Part 2

Tue 4 Dec 2012 23:50
So we have only 110 miles to go to skulduggery's bar in Antigua.. and what a trip its been! I think we are all in agreement that the trip has outlived all expectations. Elvis has done all involved very proud and no doubt will be very difficult for this delivery crew to say goodbye to her. A major sense of achievement and pride is evident and much of this is a credit to the skipper. Well done Seamo. Safest I personally have ever felt at sea.
So, we’ve been motoring since the am and we had some strange breeze out of normal trade conditions this morning when we were hitting 9 knots upwind, that died off and we have been on the motor since. In preparations for landing in Falmouth harbour, I can see people charging phones for our arrival! Time for our last meal at sea for a while... looks like steaks and jarred spuds...YES! Eoghan and Darren, the galley dream team are at work. Elisa has cleverly written a lesson on Antigua on the blackboards to prepare us for what lies ahead... right, time to go squeeze in our last 12 hours of star gazing! Thanks for everything Elvis Magic! First Mate, Simon.