1st Dec Posn and Diary - Part 2

Sat 1 Dec 2012 22:17
On the fishing front, all we caught today was a plastic bag :(
There have been some advancements with regard to the Tanning Competition. The Tanning Competition Board Meeting announced that due to the high number of winter-bleached Irish competitors there will be two categories: First, the contestants will be judged on darkest pigmentation. Secondly, we will have an award for the greatest contrast in tan lines. Prizes are yet to be announced.
With full tummies from chicken bolognese spaghetti, another 5-star meal cooked by Darren & Eoghan, (the cooking has been spectacular, by the way!) we’re all settling down for the night. I’m about to join the rest of the crew on deck for a peek at the starry night. Before the moon rises in its pumpkin orange glow, we’ve been seeing a fabulous smattering of stars so thick its hard to find the constellations! The midnight to 4am watch last night reported a sighting of the southern cross low on the horizon! Oh, and the only traffic we’ve seen for the past 7 days are satellites.
2000 and all’s well. Thanks for all of you keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!