27th Nov Posn and Diary

Tue 27 Nov 2012 21:08
A very breezy day with a large swell out in the middle of the Atlantic. All’s great and moral is high on board Elvis Magic. We had a bit of a lazy day due to the large swell coming down from the north east. We also had our first warm weather line squall today, which blew 40 knots plus for a couple minutes then headed on it’s way. We are making great progress and are averaging just under 200 miles most days, the conditions have been fantastic with good strong trades out of the north east so we have not used the engine for more then two hours in this leg of the trip, so were are still full of diesel.
On the fishing side of things we hooked a large dorado before dinner but for the luck of the fish the leader broke as the big guy trashed his way to freedom before we could land him.The tanning championship has been put on hold for the day as there has been a thick layer of cloud cover today.
Dinner was a very tasty oven baked barracuda with salt and lemon accompanied by veg and risotto which turned out beautifully. We then relaxed on deck with a sundowner. As we chatted another kamikaze flying fish hurtled itself out of a large wave over the starboard bow towards the cockpit flying much of the length of the boat, it flew between Pam and Skippers head, then proceed to fly the length of the cockpit, under the Bimini and missed Darren’s head by a couple of inched who was sitting on the port quarter! We hope all’s well at home. Half way party tomorrow on Elvis Magic!
27th Nov Position at 1800 UT 16:38.2N 038:51.5W COG 270 T, SOG 8 kts. Main and Yankee up with a reef, rolling along in 30 ks of breeze. 1302 nm to Antigua.