30th Nov Posn and Diary

Fri 30 Nov 2012 21:54
Hi All, all's great on board. The wind has dropped over night, and as we have now passed the half way point we able to use the engine to keep us moving through the light breezes. We had some minor technical difficulties with both the engine and the Main furler, these were quickly resolved though, and in celebration a Mid-Atlantic swimming session was the main event of the afternoon.
     As it was a baking 30 degree of heat with little to no wind the swim was more than welcome, of course everyone was eager to take the plunge into the very, very deep blue, knowing that it could be an experience only a few have had a chance to do! The water was incredible and there was some skilful and ……interesting under water photo shoots. Darren was convinced he saw a mermaid and began to follow it away from the boat until he realized that it was actually a speck of dirt on his goggles. The afternoon exercise continued with the smashing of Pepe the Piñata who had joined the voyage in Gibraltar. Nathan’s professional experience came to light when he smashed the piñata to pieces with one mighty blow of his batten, claiming the booty! The day was completed with a curry dinner alfresco prepared by Seamo and Elisa while watching the sun set on the horizon ahead of us. Doesn't get better then this!! XXX Love from the good ship Elvis Magic
30th Nov Position at 2200 UT 16:50.3N 047:32.9W COG 265 T, SOG 8 kts. Motor sailing on a calm starry night. 810 nm to Antigua.