23rd Nov Posn and Diary - Part 3

Sun 25 Nov 2012 11:04
From Gran Canaries to Cape Verde we caught three dorado, this is a long fish that is in the same family as sea bream, its very tasty. We caught two simultaneously Nathan and Eoghan claiming the reels and brought them on deck for Wookie to pin them down like Brian O’Driscol was in the lions tour against New Zealand. Seamo removed the hooks while Elisa poured alcohol down their throats to calm them down, like you would a nurse in coppers. As quick and as efficient as Ted Bundy in his prime the fish was gutted, de finned and de headed. While Pam was documenting the entire massacre to relive it another day.
Later on Pam had the option to pull in what was to be the biggest fish of the trip, so far. Pam did’nt have the bottle to pull it in herself so let Seamo get the honour of landing the big one. On pulling it on to the deck we noticed that this was the largest fish to date and reckoned that it was about half the length of pam. This therefor giving birth to the new fish measuring tool, known as the ‘Pam’. From now on all fish will be given in lengths of Pam. This fish was ‘half a Pam’.
Earlier today on changeover Pam had scurried to bed leaving Nathan on deck with Seamo. The lines could only have been in the water for 10 mins before the reel chimed the beautiful sound of fresh meat, or some rope as we had previously caught. While Seamo struggled to get loch ness’s older stronger brother over to the boat, Nathan stood anxiously his task of removing the fish from the hook. when the fish arrived to the boat we noticed was about one fifth a pam and not worth keeping. Nathan at the same time wimped as he didn't want the smell of fish on his fingers, he decided this was not for him and had to get wookie to release him back to the wild. There have been no further bites today but their has been a bombardment of kamikaze flying fish landing on the deck. It looks like we will be having chicken for dinner. Nathan and Pam are the chefs tonight. Lets hope they can pull it off without Pam spilling something in the galley, frozen scrambled eggs .. yum. PAM.
I have to get back to the hard task of keeping watch in this heat.... I am yet to see another boat today .
Chat to you later
The crew of Elvis the Gecko.