26th Nov Posn and Diary - Part 1

Mon 26 Nov 2012 22:46
In the past 24 hrs. there has been huge and shocking revelations in the Elvis magic inaugural tanning competition.  It seemed that an anonymous tip has gone into the judges referring the cheating of 2 contestants.  A steward’s enquiry went into the matter and found that both the Burke brothers have in fact not been playing by the rules. It seems that article 4, sub section 3, paragraph 19 item (b). This clearly states that all competitors must have an even tan from front to back. The Burke brothers appear to be in breach of this rule, as their forward torso’s seem to have excessive hair growth. Thus marking departure from the event for the leader.
In an interview with the new for runner Pam Lee she stated ‘I knew when the judges saw the clear disregard for the rules that the only option would be to throw them out of the competition. I am glad I said something as cheating of this magnitude would only taint further tanning competitions’.
After the ruling last night all crewmembers were given double rations of rum to console the two brothers, bar Pam.
In a shocking turn of events it appeared that the former first and last place competitors could no longer take Pam Lee’s gloating and decided to take action against the ruling. There have been scattered reports on a wide scale grooming and in a follow up examination of the bothers it seems that they have shed their winter coats and have new streamlined upper torsos. The report of the exam did come back saying that they were in fact now eligible to legally compete in the competition.
Unfortunately with all these goings on Darren had only a few minutes today to increase his tan. Conversely Pam positioned herself in the sun early, like a German beside the pool in a resort. These additional sun hours have proved pivotal to her and she now is lying in first place with what looks like an interesting few days to come.
More updates to follow in the Elvis magic inaugural tanning competition. As the competition heats up. (Pun intended)
26th Nov Position at 2140 UT 16:02.6N 036:15.2W COG 270 T, SOG 8 kts. Main and Yankee up, sailing fast in 30 ks of breeze, very comfortable. 1468 nm to Antigua.