24th Nov Posn and Diary - Part 1

Sun 25 Nov 2012 21:13
Pam and Nathan’s Diary entry....
So, we have come to the end of our second day of Atlantic crossing, having left Cape Verde at approximately 22:30 on the night on the 22nd with minor main un-furling issues in heavy winds, these were quickly sorted out by our skillful skipper of course and off we went into the dark night and big seas ahead, on the last leg of our epic adventure.
Yesterday (Fri 23) was a leisurely cruise in winds averaging  about 15 kts, the only major trauma was the Eoghan Duke’s Toothbrush is still reported as missing in action and concern is growing hourly for it’s health and well being, as well as the oral hygiene of Eoghan himself of course. The crews concern is that a ransom note may appear in a glass bottle at any time and that fowl play is at hand! We sailed by the spinnaker for the day (which Nathan’s skin pallor still some what resembles) and then kept her flying through the night.
With the onset of night, and with the cover of dark the Kamikaze flying fish appeared to have re-grouped and focused their attack on creating a chink in our armoring by firing themselves at the Burke brothers. Shrieks, screaming and wails of panic were heard from the cockpit in the first hours of night watch, and as the rest of the concerned crew looked to see what disaster had befallen those on watch they were to find Darren Burke hunched in a corner, novel and reading lamp in hand, squealing and pointing in horror at the flying fish flapping on the ground that had catapulted itself in a direct attack at his shoulder.
24th Nov Position at 2100 UT 16:07.1N 029:58.2W COG 275 T, SOG 8 kts. Main, Yankee and Staysail up, sailing beautifully. 1816 nm to Antigua.