2nd Dec Posn and Diary

Sun 2 Dec 2012 23:18

Today we woke up to another day with little breeze, with the girls discussing which nail polish colour’s worked best for them while the men of the boat went on with their daily routines of dice and various odd jobs around the boat, with Darren taking a huge 7-1 losing streak to Wookie in the 1 on 1 games. A bit before noon we were on course to landing a large sailfish as Wookie spotted it thrashing on the surface of the water but only for the line to snap to Nathans disappointment we lost it. Around the 2 o clock mark we had another bite on the port side rod, Eoghan was the first there and took control of the rod, with not much of a fight we landed are biggest fish to date. With precision hooking from Nathan landing the gaff through the barracudas gills. It is the largest recorded fish caught to date, at just under ¾ of a pam (about 12 kgs). As Eoghan had landed the fish he had also wanted to remove the head and gut it. Elisa and Pam later used the head in their biology lesson, so if we encounter another barracuda they will be able to give it successful brain surgery.

Later in the afternoon, Nathan and Eoghan decided to get back into their exercise club routine .I suppose 3000 miles into the journey is as good a time to start as any.

With the usual sun-downers we were greeted by a solitary dolphin swimming with us for the final minutes of daylight. Nathan and Pam made beautiful barracuda burgers, Nathan is forcing me to put this down, this turned out to be just barracuda with some Mary Rose sauce… Thanks Nathan & Pam you’re the best!!!


2nd Dec Position at 2000 LT 16:49.4N 053:29.8W COG 272 T, SOG 7.4 kts. Motoring along in light airs under the stars. 472 nm to Antigua!!