4th Dec Posn and Diary - Part 1

Tue 4 Dec 2012 23:50
Wow, what a day. What looks like our last full day of the passage has turned out to be a day of firsts! Last night at 3 am or so , we crossed paths with our first bit of traffic in 2000 miles! Pam was up the yachts mast for the first time as she was sent up on a recon mission with her camera. She ended up identifying a huge school of dolphins from a mile away that were hurtling towards us like torpedoes, maybe 50 of them from all different directions, never gets old! When they got to the boat, I faced my fear of wild animals at sea and with Seamo’s seal of approval, I jumped off the boat to swim with them for the first time.. unfortunately they didn't hang around long and I only caught a short glimpse of them under the sea... Nathan, I thought you at least would jump in with me! We had our first taste of Caribbean weather also with a brief spell of rain!

4th Dec Position at 2000 LT 16:56.0N 059:41.6W COG 275 T, SOG 9.3 kts. Motor sailing the last few miles to the Falmouth harbour. 110 nm to Antigua!!!