28th Nov Posn and Diary - Part 1

Thu 29 Nov 2012 22:31
Today started off with a bang! 9pm this morning as Pam landed the biggest dorado yet! A full half Pam in size. Darren got some great underwater footage of the big guys being reeled in along side the boat. Which resulted in fresh dorado sambos for lunch with nachos and salsa on the side, enjoy on deck in the blistering sunshine. Its been just perfect sailing conditions with 20-25 knots from the north east. The crew are in high spirits as we crossed the half way point in the leg today. We moved our clocks back by twos hours towards Caribbean time.
Simon got a hair cut on the aft deck, which Darren started with the trimmers but unluckily lost the piece off the top and skipper stepped in to finish the job with a scissors, saving Wookie’s dignity quiet skilfully. Happy hour, which is cleaning hour took place as usual after lunch. The boat, as always is in top condition, the guys have been working hard to keep the standards high. The cleanest heads on the boat is shared by Nathan, Darren and Eoghan, its immaculate, well done lads hats off to ye, it even smells great. Simon has a bit to learn about heads cleaning still.
Nathan is the current dice champion on board after a long hat themed game on deck in the sunshine after happy hour, so he gets to wear the fabled Viking winners hat! All the crew wore hats ranging from pirate hats, umbrellas to cooking pots. The game ended in whipped cream being applied in generous quantities upon crew members.