29th Nov Posn and Diary - Part 2

Thu 29 Nov 2012 22:40
Just after midday today we went past the 1,000nm to go and all our minds have gone to the idea of what is left of this passage. Mainly the provisions that we have left. We the abundance of empty wrappers being found in the dry stores, maybe it was a bad idea putting them with Nathan, and confectionary that appear to just vanish wrapper and all. There may have to be an enquiry into the possibility of some squirrels on board. All I hope will be revealed in the bar in Antigua. All saying this we haven’t really been going through hardships yet. The standard of food have been quite high with a red Thai fish curry last night with barracuda and Dorado with Eoghan surprising us all with a lemon sponge last night. His skills will be used again. Currently Nathan and Pam are cooking up steaks. Which is going to be great… hopefully.
Anyway that’s what we have for today. If you have any comments or questions or if you just wanted to get through to talk to us, to see how we are then just send us an email. But really what I’m trying to find out is the rugby, Leinster & Ireland mainly and what is happening Injuries, scores that kinda thing, just send ME something with that in it I don’t really care about how everyone is.
Ps Wookie’s heads are impeccable contrary to previous accusations.