26th Nov Posn and Diary - Part 2

Mon 26 Nov 2012 22:49
Notes on our Sunday on board Elvis Magic.... In other news Darren caught a fish in the early hours this morning, another Dorado, it appears to be about a ¼ of a Pam. Not the biggest but good enough, a bit like Darren.
We had a nice rosemary infused slow roasted lamb with roast potatoes today for Sunday dinner. Darren and Nathan providing the culinary skills. With seconds to plating the chefs discovered that a single shoulder of lamb would not do 6 people. With no hesitation the fish was placed in the grill with herbs lemons and a small amount of spices. This had, conveniently, been cooked to perfection just as the 1st course was finished, served and enjoyed.
From sunset today we had spinnaker and main out on a broad reach reaching a rough cruising speed of 9 knots and getting a high of mid 10 knots at times. This is defiantly the furthest we have gone in one day and would hope for further days like this in the future.
Today we had another blistering hot day, under the shade created by the Spinnaker and Main we ran through the some drills for Fire and Abandon ship, Pam and Nathan took it all a bit too literally and later steamed up the galley to produce a remarkable Marine Chicken Pie. Nathan's culinary explorations and Pam's creative pastry decoration of anchor and rope were much approved by the rest of the hunger crew. Tomorrow we will have fine dining again as just as dusk was setting in, with the Spinnaker still up both the fishing lines went at the same time. On the starboard side Darren was reeling in what must have been the largest Dorado so far, estimated at at least half a Pam. On the Port side Skipper Seamo was taking in a Barracuda only inches smaller. Unfortunately we will only be dining on Barracuda as Darren's Dorado broke from the hook just before coming on board. Seamo successfully got the evil looking Barracuda on board with the help as Simo skilfully hook gaffing him in the gills although he was already fairly fixed to the line. A healthy douse of Vodka and he was done, ready to be filleted for tomorrows lunch.
High speeds today as Simo's record of 10.4 kts was taken by Eoghan reaching 11 kts followed quickly with Seamo matching this speed this evening using the to waves our advantage.