24th Nov Posn and Diary - Part 3

Sun 25 Nov 2012 21:10
It was a productive and hard working day for all, so at 6:30 pm sundowners were in order, cruising at a healthy average of 8 kts it was nice for the crew to sit back and watch the sun go down together………..some might say this bonding session went too far though when a provocative shaving party began soon afterwards. Initiated by Nathan appearing with a half -shaved chest, soon to be followed by Darren, Eoghan and Wookie, a whole lot of shaving foam, a hose pipe and some very unnecessary dancing – Pam got involved with the paparazzi camera photos, most of which will be kept for her private collection.
This display of manliness was halted by the dinner call, however this wasn’t the end of the action because just as dinner was being served there was an almighty wiring from the fishing reels, Dukey alone on the aft deck was first at the line, just in time to see the entire rod bend with the weight of the monster that was surely at least 2 Pam's long that must’ve been on the end of the rod…in the quickest display of action so far all hands were on decks to reel it in…unfortunately it was not to be, the beast got away! So finally the entire crew retired to a delicious meal prepared by Elisa and Wookie.  We are sitting on watch now with the Yankee, Stay Sail and Main Sail up, wind is blowing 20 kts and we are Speed Over Ground 8.6 kts, Skipper has just come up to report similar favourable conditions for the next 2 days. We are currently 1828 miles from Antigua and hope to continue chewing up the miles like we have been!!
Tune in again tomorrow for more Elvis Magic news!