3rd Dec Posn and Diary - Part 2

Tue 4 Dec 2012 00:55

Today a battle was played out between Darren and Palm in bat gammon. The smug grin was slapped off Darren’s face when Pam slayed him in the game. Darren refuses to play bat gammon anymore. Pam looks like a child on the morning of Christmas after Santa arrived, with a grin from ear to ear. After this outstanding performance the whole crew mucked in to prepping the boat for our arrival. This was done under harsh December weather conditions of 30 degrees with the odd flying fish passing us by.

The weather looks calm for the next two days. Unfortunately more then likely we will be motoring in.


Skipper’s notes; The moral couldn't be better, the boat is in excellent condition, spotless inside and out, a real testament to the crews hard work. We have all taken real pride in sailing on the great ship Elvis Magic. May she make many more safe, fun and adventurous passages.

Ps Tomas Duke check your hotmail account.